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What’s In This Episode:

Time for a big picture question: are you playing offense or defense in your business? Problems arise when we try to burn the candle at both ends. When you're on defense and want to get back on offense, what do you do? Even in defense, you need business development.

"There are seasons in my business. It's not the same every day." - Brad

If you're in defensive mode, it also means that you may be holding on to resources that you don't need (i.e., paying people you don't need, etc). In these moments, Brad suggests that you shrink your resources down to essentials and then building out to a better solution.

"Patience is a virtue, but that has nothing to do with you demanding something of your team or the betterment of your business." - Jill

In a callback to last episode, Saul comes on and asks, "Is patience a virtue, or is impatiencea virtue?" Jill says patience is a virtue, but it doesn't have to do with business. Brad thinks there are certain things that just aren't going to happen any faster, and sometimes, being impatient is just pointless.

Saul thinks that on a certain level, you have to have a sense of urgency in business. He doesn't think people will get stuff done without the sense of urgency. Is it proactivity, or impatience? This leads to a discussion about business owners' expectations and whether or not they are reasonable, as well as dissatisfaction and dysfunction.

Are you playing offense or defense? What do you think about patience?

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What’s In This Episode:

Have you ever hired someone that wasn't so great? Jill and Brad talk about the reason why you can't fix your team.

"You need to be more specific. You have to give measurements. You have to talk about what you're willing to tolerate and what you're not." - Brad

Business owners always want to task Brad with fixing their team. Maybe they thought they've hired the wrong people, or that those people are too inexperienced or incompetent. But Brad thinks that maybe it's not all those employees who are at fault. After all, the boss is the one who's leading and managing. The person in charge is the one who should be setting up systems.

But the team that you have is fully curated by you. If you need something to change, start by looking in the mirror, he says. And if you don't know how to build the systems that will help your team, you can always hire someone to help you do that.

"You are an expert because you run your business." - Jill

Saul asks listener questions. Q: "How do you convince people that you are an expert?"

Brad:Telling people you're an expert makes them think you're not. So instead of telling people, we have to show them - ideally, by showing that you understand how to solve a real problem.

Jill:You can show people all the time, but you have to also convince yourself. You have to tell yourself, "I'm an expert."

Q: "What are some habits of yours that have been amplified by tech?"

Brad:I used to answer emails right away all the time and I had to change the habit because it was out of control. Social media has amplified our time wasting. But there are certain apps that are so good you don't even notice: 1Password, Zapier...

Jill:I've gone through so many apps and I've had a lot of bad systems. But when it comes to my newsletter database, the technology has made my life so simple and easy.

Do you have questions about fixing your team? Let us know!

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Top 5 moments for straight talk in business


What’s In This Episode:

When's the last time you met with someone in a business setting and thought, "Wow, you're such a fake!"? Were you offended by their lack of authenticity? Why? Jill and Brad talk about the ins and outs of fakes, condescending tricksters, and folks who just aren't doing this business thing correctly. Spoiler alert: They also figure out why telemarketers have such success! So, this week they share their Top 5 Moments for Straight Talk In Business in this episode and they welcome motivational guru Stephanie Owen to the show. Listen in! »

Stephanie OwenGuest:

  • Stephanie Owen is the founder of Motivational Parenting where she helps parents tackle the challenges in setting limits and clear boundaries with their children. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.


  • Jill needs your help. If you know the answer to, "WHY, DEVELOPERS, WHY?" then please call 708.872.7878 and help her understand how coding a website permits developers to do business wildly differently than everyone else in the world. Tune in to hear why there's so much steam coming out of her ears.

Truthiness | w/ Stephanie Owen | Ep. 128Talk to us! Leave us a Google Voicemail so that we can read it in a future episode at 
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When did you realize that you’re not charging enough? Are you realizing it right now? Jill and Brad share what they’ve done, how they handle pricing increases, and what they do to keep up with the changes (and the Joneses’.) They also talk about the Top 5 Signs You Are Not Charging Enough in this episode  and they welcome Go! Go! Go! Fundraising’s Angie McGuire to the show. Stay tuned for Jill’s crazy rant, too. Listen in! »


Angie Maguire is part of Go! Go! Go! Fundraising, an organization that helps folks fundraise by providing fans with a healthy product that fits today’s fast paced lifestyle. Find her on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.


Jill can’t stand automated scheduling systems. Brad is pretty sure she’s the only one — but catch her riffing on booking meetings throughout her day.

Talk to us! Leave us a Google Voicemail so that we can read it in a future episode at 
708.872.7878. Or tweet at us using hashtag #jillnbrad. And leave us a review on iTunes — pretty please? Over here!

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