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SURPRISE! To celebrate our 50th episode, we have our brilliant producer, Lightning Atkinson, and our fantastic designer, Devan Perine, take over as hosts of Breaking Down Your Business. They turn the tables and interview — you guessed it — co-hosts Brad Farris and Jill Salzman. Mostly, tune in to hear how Lightning pronounces the “whopper.” It’s amazing. Devan and Lightning discuss who they trust to give them advice and where those wise words usually come from. They talk to guests Brad Farris and Jill Salzman and offer the Top 5 Best Bits of Advice Ever Received. 

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When you're in a thankful frame of mind, it makes you more positive. It makes you more energetic. And practically speaking, it makes your day a better one. Studies may have proven it, but who cares? We still know that it's true. Brad shares his top 5 things that business owners should be thankful for. Do one or more of them resonate with you? If you're grateful for other business owners, your own clients, your team, or the flexibility, power and/or autonomy that you have as the king of your kingdom, even if it's on the smaller side. Have any things we should be thankful for in our businesses that Jill and Brad left out? Then leave them a voicemail at 708.872.7878!

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Jill is a social media addict. She and Brad agree that they've gotten a lot out of the Twitter platform for their businesses, so Jill walks you (or rather, skips with glee) through her top 5 ways to use it to grow your business. Things like tweeting as yourself and not as your business using your logo. Stay a person, people. Also, pay attention to your @mentions or there's no reason for you to tweet at all. The goal? To get your online conversations moved offline. Have any top tips that she missed? Well then! Leave Jill & Brad a voicemail at 708.872.7878!

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Besides the fact that Brad doesn't believe employees should buy gifts for bosses, and the fact that Jill wishes that regifting was socially acceptable, Jill & Brad discuss their Top 5 gifts that make them, and the recipients, very happy to know each other. Things like food and booze don't fly for some as well as intangible items like experiences (think Segway rides or architectural boat tours.) Gift cards are fantastic as are branded cutting boards. (Right? Right?) Did they miss any great gifts that you can recommend to our listeners? Leave Jill & Brad a voicemail at 708.872.7878!

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