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What’s In This Episode:

Do you ever get that feeling that your business is about to take off? Jill definitely knows that feeling - it's exciting and re-energizing! It infuses life into the business and even though it may not pan out, it's a sign that good things are happening. Brad used to chase that feeling but has come to realize he'd rather have steady progress instead. They also talk about the Top 5 Ways To Know That It's "GO TIME" in this episode and they share which apps they've been trying out lately. We promise Jill doesn't talk about any photo apps... sort of. Listen in! »


  • Shapr - Tinder interface applied to networking. Brad swears you don't have to immediately make out as soon as you meet in person. 
  • Lighter - It's a virtual lighter. And that's it. Jill loves it.
  • BRiN - World's first artificially intelligent business advisor. Brad thinks it has potential but isn't there yet.
  • Magic - Text-based personal assistant available 24/7
  • Legend - Easily turn text into animations
  • Light Phone - A phone that's not a computer. Jill is fascinated, Brad is not. (Get a $7 burner phone from eBay instead)
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What’s In This Episode:

Do you talk to yourself? Jill does all the time! What, you don't? She thinks there are two types of people in this world, those who talk to themselves in their head and those who do it out loud. And sometimes, Jill even gets answers from herself! Brad thinks that's just called thinking.. and you're not really getting answers (which is why you should call us at 708-872-7878 with your questions!). They also talk to each other about the Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself in this episode and welcome UX designers Mark Baldino and Ben Ihnchak to the show. Listen in! »


  • Mark Baldino and Ben Ihnchak are the founders of Fuzzy Math, a user experience design, strategy, and innovation firm. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


  • Brooke Craven left us the nicest review on iTunes - thanks Brooke, we think you're awesome!
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What’s In This Episode:

How's your to-do list looking? Brad noticed that no matter how many things he crosses off, he's left with more than he started with. How does a to-do list become a three-do list? (Groan). But really, can he declare bankruptcy on his list and make it go away? Jill teaches Brad the trick of just tearing off a new sheet of paper and starting a brand new list the following day. Yes, actual paper. They also talk about the Top 5 Ways To Feel Less Overwhelmed (And Make More Progress) in this episode and they welcome world famous freelancer Mark Fromson to the show. Listen in! »


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What’s In This Episode:

What was the happiest team you were ever a part of? The first thing that popped into Jill's mind was a dance troupe her and her sisters were a part of. #Adorable. Brad recalls being part of a small team that led an organization for 1.5 years. It was a high pressure position but the group still remains in touch. They discovered that each person thought they were the weakest link of the bunch and continually worked hard in order to not let the group down. Everybody truly respected one another and it forged a relationship that continues to this day! Sometimes moments are more memorable with a team because you get to share a happy experience with others, instead of alone in an office. Jill and Brad chat about how you can strengthen your own relationships in the Top 5 Ways To Have A Happier Team and welcome quizmaster Josh Haynam to the show. Listen in! »


  • Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a company that makes it easy for you to create and embed lead capture quizzes. Find him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
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What’s In This Episode:

Why is Jill soaked? Well, she followed her own advice. She woke up this morning, did not look at her phone, then hopped on her Vespa to head to the studio. 20 minutes into her ride, it started raining. And then it started hailing. If only she had looked at her weather app! New rule: Don't look at your phone when you wake up, unless you're going outside and traveling in an open air vehicle. They also address the summer lull you may be feeling in the Top 5 Ways To Build Your Business When Things Are Slow in this episode and bring AMA to a close..for now. Listen in! »

AMA (Ask Me/Us Anything):

Brad and Jill wrap up their AMA series with questions from Sarah and an anonymous listener. Sarah wonders if she should ask for feedback from her employees, and if so, how to not get defensive. Our anonymous questioner wants to know if they should try to make their company look bigger than they actually are - the short answer is no. We've really enjoyed receiving and answering your questions, so thank you again for sending them in! If you want to ask us literally anything (dying to know what's Brad's favorite ice cream flavor?), just call or text and you may hear your question in a future episode!

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