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What’s In This Episode:

Have you ever turned that corner from "diligent followup" to "annoying stalker when you're checking in on a proposal or pitch?

"I feel like if they were gonna respond, they would have responded." - Brad

Jill and Brad fundamentally disagree on this issue, and even on the receiving end of relentless pitches, Jill only gets annoyed if she knows the sender is a bot or writing templated emails. She knows how hard pitching is, so she's likely to respond with a "not interested," rather than delete - which is what Brad does.

"The 'no' is an acknowledgment that they got my pitch. No, to me, is maybe." - Jill

Jill tells a very interesting story about how she campaigned to be on the Stephen Colbert show, an endeavor that lasted 3 years. So... perseverance wins? They discuss the internal and external reactions of following up, what people might think and what's really going on in people's lives, and how ego gets involved. Brad has some tips to help.

How do you deal with followup?

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What’s In This Episode:

You've met someone to collaborate with. How do you decide if you want to work with them? Jill looks for people who are direct and efficient. Brad looks for punctuality and reliability.

"Your mind-shift into 'I'm helping you; I'm not taking advantage of you,' is very genuine. " - Jill

Writer, interviewer, and documentarian Nora Kerr calls in to ask how she can reach more people and generate sales leads with limited time and resources? Jill and Brad think partnerships - and not more referrals - may just be her answer.

"We have to realize that people are very superficial." - Brad

So how do you build up trust in business? In person, eye contact is exceedingly important. On the phone, Brad is totally present and Jill paces to keep up her energy. They also talk about the vibes they get from someone based on how dressed up or down they are.

How do you build trust with prospects?


  • Nora Kerr is the founder of Memoir for Me. After graduating years ago with a creative writing degree (and writing her thesis on her family's gift of the gab!) and spending many hours in a darkroom, Nora started out in publishing and then worked for many years in IT. But in 2015, after a deeply personal experience preserving the story of her own father, she launched this business and returned to doing what she loves best: listening and documenting. She brings that same passion she had for her dad's project to every family and every story. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.
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What’s In This Episode:

Jill's recently made some changes over at The Founding Moms, going from monthly meetups to weekly masterminds.

"I'm not even sure I know what a mastermind group is." - Brad

Audio branding and content marketing expert Tina Dietz's company is in a period of rapid expansion and she doesn't know who to hire first. They talk through pain points and trust issues.

"I want facilitators and listeners more than problem solvers." - Jill

So what is a mastermind, anyway? Usually a small group with an agenda that aims to solve whatever business problems group members have. Jill and Brad talk through masterminds and what the benefit of having peers listen, talk through, and get clarity is.

Are you part of a mastermind group?


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What’s In This Episode:

What's the value of going to a conference? Brad just spent over $1000 for a ticket to a conference in Boise, not to mention airfare and accommodations. Is it worth it?

"If you know 'we make the most money doing x,' immediately, you know what the focus is." - Jill

Web developer Nicole Guzman calls in to discuss how her web design studio has been catering to general interests, but she thinks it may be time to focus on one area. Jill and Brad talk about the pros and cons of working within a niche and how to market effectively.

"Conferences are really great for the 'stuffing your head full of ideas' phase." - Brad

How do you evaluate what a conference is worth as an attendee? Is it worth it if for nothing else than to get away from your business for a few days? Plus, when you're attending the conference, you're focused on it, rather than it and also a million other things.

Do you think conferences and offline events are worth it?  Listen in


  • Nicole Guzman is the founder of GooseWorks, a full-service branding and web development agency based in Newburgh, NY. Find her on Instagram.
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