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What’s In This Episode:

We get a voicemail from Nedra Rezinas who talked to us on ep. 133(!!!). She really loved listening to our episode 311, "How do I build trust with prospects?"and thought it was helpful.

"I see a lot of people using email like it's a text message." - Brad

How do you go about making your content last and last? You want to get your blog posts out in front of a lot of people - can you repurpose it? And how do you promote it?

"When you say the word 'LinkedIn,' my brain goes to mush." - Jill

Is Twitter dead? How do you use Instagram for your business? And is LinkedIn great or is LinkedIn GREAT? Jill and Brad give some tips on what you're creating and where to share it in order to make what you're putting out there last and last.

What tips do you have for making your content last?

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What’s In This Episode:

Brad hates the word "content". He thinks that whatever you put out, it's got to be of a quality that people would pay you for it (and sometimes, they do).

"It's very different to know your boundaries and then to actually do something about them. " - Jill

Web designer, podcast host, musician, and mother of twins Gretchen DeVault calls in to ask how to deal with burnout. Brad and Jill advise her on why sleep is so important, scheduling a day off every now and then, turning off tech, and consider outsourcing some of her responsibilities.

And how can she cover that cost? Raise prices!

"Speak in your own voice and tell your own stories." - Brad

Content used to be a thing that set businesses apart but now we're drowning in it, says Brad. So how can you stand out from the noise? They discuss lazy content, consistency, and inspiration.

Where are you in the stages of entrepreneurial success?  Listen in


  • Gretchen DeVault is the co-founder and lead web designer and strategist for Tiny Blue Sky. She has 15+ years of web design and branding experience and an established record of producing award-winning work that drives business.
  • Gretchen is also a business expert and shares her love of all things entrepreneurship as co-host of Lean the F*ck Out, a weekly podcast for female entrepreneurs.
  • She is also a singer/songwriter and guitarist for the indie pop band The Icicles(along with her husband Zane), and shoegazer band Voluptuous Panic. Her music has been licensed in commercials for Motorola and Target, as well as several independent films.
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What’s In This Episode:

Anchor Advisors has gone virtual!

"A whole bunch of your competition is gone." - Brad

There are certain advantages that come with being in business for a long time.

"If you just wait through the tough stuff, you're gonna come out okay." - Jill

Jill and Brad talk through what the value of longevity in your business means: what they thought then compared to what they know now, what competition looks like, who their strongest friendships are, and Jill's realization that patience really is a virtue.

What lessons have you learned from being in business as long as you have?

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What’s In This Episode:

Wanna receive Jill or Brad's newsletters? Find Brad's at Anchor Advisors. Find Jill's at Founding Moms.

"You can't sell anything to people that they don't already need. " - Brad

Mel McSherry calls in to discuss mailing lists: How can she do it authentically without being salesy? Brad says that if Mel has a valuable service, she has to sell it. Jill advises her to continue doing and interacting with people as she already has been, just in an email format, and she'll be able to succeed. But she needs to be aware of the fact that even if people are subscribed, they need to be invested in what she's doing if they're going to get updates about it. So think about what it is that her audience needs?

"We need to know what's challenging for us versus what's not." - Jill

Brad breaks down the stages of entrepreneurial success:

  • Phase one: startup - try things
  • Phase two: growth - this is where the work is
  • Phase three: stability - your team helps with expansion

Where are you in the stages of entrepreneurial success? 


  • Mel McSherry is an International Business Development Coach and Speaker. She predominantly works with women business owners who are exhausted and overwhelmed by what they think they need to do in order to be successful. She helps them slash their stress by showing them how to prioritize their profits, their time, and themselves correctly so they can create the money, the business, and the life they want, fast! Visit her website.
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