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What’s In This Episode:

Do you know the difference between cash and accrual accounting? (YUCK.) If you're wondering how much money you've loaned to your clients, where would you look for that? (UGH.) Do you ever pay yourself distributions as opposed to salary? Are those expenses? (GRRR.) If you're like Jill, you can't stand this topic...and if you're like Brad, you know a lot more than she does. But they're pretty important principles, along with a slew of other number basics that any business owner should be familiar with when it comes to that whole money thing you're trying to conquer. So it's time, guys. Tune in to hear Brad lead us through the basics, and check out how they talk about the Top 5 Accounting things that actually matter. They also welcome app creator Angela Jackson to the show. Listen in! »


  • Angela Jackson is the founder of Talent Flood, a central, instant marketplace for employers and employees to get matched based on who they are, not what they do. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


  • People have pitch problems. If you're sending a pitch, via email or otherwise, to media outlets or colleagues or sponsors or venture capitalists or customers or clients or anyone, really, to have them do something about it -- publish you, partner with you, pay you money -- you need to do a better job. Jill's been getting WAY too many poor pitches and while there's no one right way to do it, there are thousands of wrong ways to do it. Tune in to hear what's going wrong.
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Top 5 Ways To Have A Better Business Conversation w/ Chris Thompson

What’s In This Episode:

We made it, guys. WE MADE 150 EPISODES!!! We can't believe it, either. Jill and Brad, in their disbelief, mull over the things that have surprised them the most as podcast creators. They talk about what they've found difficult in the making of what has become a top business podcast. They talk about what they've found to be inspiring along the way. Things they never considered, guests that they learned from, and the commonalities they've found across the board no matter what business folks run. Have you been thinking about doing your own podcast? Then you're in for a treat. In this episode, Jill and Brad go over the Top 5 Things You Need To Know When You're Podcasting. And they welcome NEW Breaking Down Your Business podcast producer and sound engineer Anthony Gravino to the show. (Hand claps, please!) Listen in! »


  • Anthony Gravino is a Freelance Music Producer and Engineer who works on studio albums for the world's best artists and happens to produce the Breaking Down Your Business podcast, too. Find him in the studio and on Instagram.

Tool? Rant?

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Driving Yourself Crazy? w/ Erika Marie

What’s In This Episode:

Ever have really important stuff that you know you need to get done but you're not doing it? Are there times when you've made a decision -- and you feel like it's the right decision -- but you spend a few hours second-guessing yourself? One of your co-hosts experiences this tactic a lot of business owners use to drive themselves crazy, and one of them is crazy enough to skip the questions altogether and press on. Which host goes which way? You'll have to tune in to find out! In this glorious episode (and by glorious, we mean hilarious, and by hilarious we really mean CRAZY,) Brad and Jill talk about the Top 5 Ways You're Driving YOURSELF Crazy in this episode and they welcome Erika Marie to the show. Listen in! »


  • Erika Marie is the founder of the Chiyu Center where she offers exceptional acupuncture, integrative medicine services, and integrative health connections. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.


  • One Big Thing :: The simple app to keep you focused on your biggest task every day. Every day, you type in one big thing you want to do. Add a few little tasks you might also want to get done. Check the app during the day to focus on your goals. Next day it’s a blank slate. That’s it? Yeah! Trust us, it totally keeps your aim on the game.
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Top 5 Ways To Market Your Content w/ Priya Amin

How do you market your content? What is content? If you're producing things that you want customers and clients to see, read, hear, and see, you're producing content. There's so much of it, and so many WAYS to get it out to the world, what's really working for you? It's hard for small business owners to figure out what's actually working and what seems like it's working and what's really just giving you a lovely positive feedback loop full of likes and followers -- even though it's not actually paying your bills. If you don't market your content properly, no one is gonna read or see or hear it. That's why they spend this episode talking about the Top 5 Ways To Market Your Content and they welcome Priya Amin to the show. Listen in! »


Shout Out:

  • Meg Ricard called in to tell us what's happened to her since she was on the podcast. Her business, Simply Organized By Meg, is taking off and her clients are happy. YOU MADE OUR DAY, MEG!
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