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What’s In This Episode:

Why is Jill soaked? Well, she followed her own advice. She woke up this morning, did not look at her phone, then hopped on her Vespa to head to the studio. 20 minutes into her ride, it started raining. And then it started hailing. If only she had looked at her weather app! New rule: Don't look at your phone when you wake up, unless you're going outside and traveling in an open air vehicle. They also address the summer lull you may be feeling in the Top 5 Ways To Build Your Business When Things Are Slow in this episode and bring AMA to a close..for now. Listen in! »

AMA (Ask Me/Us Anything):

Brad and Jill wrap up their AMA series with questions from Sarah and an anonymous listener. Sarah wonders if she should ask for feedback from her employees, and if so, how to not get defensive. Our anonymous questioner wants to know if they should try to make their company look bigger than they actually are - the short answer is no. We've really enjoyed receiving and answering your questions, so thank you again for sending them in! If you want to ask us literally anything (dying to know what's Brad's favorite ice cream flavor?), just call or text and you may hear your question in a future episode!

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