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Top 5 Ways To Have A Better Business Conversation w/ Chris Thompson

What’s In This Episode:

We made it, guys. WE MADE 150 EPISODES!!! We can't believe it, either. Jill and Brad, in their disbelief, mull over the things that have surprised them the most as podcast creators. They talk about what they've found difficult in the making of what has become a top business podcast. They talk about what they've found to be inspiring along the way. Things they never considered, guests that they learned from, and the commonalities they've found across the board no matter what business folks run. Have you been thinking about doing your own podcast? Then you're in for a treat. In this episode, Jill and Brad go over the Top 5 Things You Need To Know When You're Podcasting. And they welcome NEW Breaking Down Your Business podcast producer and sound engineer Anthony Gravino to the show. (Hand claps, please!) Listen in! »


  • Anthony Gravino is a Freelance Music Producer and Engineer who works on studio albums for the world's best artists and happens to produce the Breaking Down Your Business podcast, too. Find him in the studio and on Instagram.

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