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Top 5 Ways To Market Your Content w/ Priya Amin

How do you market your content? What is content? If you're producing things that you want customers and clients to see, read, hear, and see, you're producing content. There's so much of it, and so many WAYS to get it out to the world, what's really working for you? It's hard for small business owners to figure out what's actually working and what seems like it's working and what's really just giving you a lovely positive feedback loop full of likes and followers -- even though it's not actually paying your bills. If you don't market your content properly, no one is gonna read or see or hear it. That's why they spend this episode talking about the Top 5 Ways To Market Your Content and they welcome Priya Amin to the show. Listen in! »


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  • Meg Ricard called in to tell us what's happened to her since she was on the podcast. Her business, Simply Organized By Meg, is taking off and her clients are happy. YOU MADE OUR DAY, MEG!
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