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If you've made it this far in sticking to your goals, you're on your way to forming a habit! Brad's goal for getting feedback is still going strong; you can help him by filling out this three-question survey.

Are there things that you do every day or every week without fail? For Jill's business, she checks e-mail, social media, and checks up on Founding Mom Exchanges. Brad goes to the gym three times a week (and he tracks it using the Streaks App) and both of them are back on the no-sugar wagon. They made it six months last time; can they go a whole year?

"Sometimes it's easier to create a habit. What's a small thing that you can change that leads you to that goal?" - Brad

Harry Duran, host of Podcast Junkies and creator of FullCast, calls to discuss his problem. He primarily gets business via referrals but wants to know how he can branch out to grow his business. Jill says that it never hurts to ask. If Harry is putting out content via newsletters and social media, he can simply ask people to work with him.

Brad says he can also send out a quarterly advertising email to get the message clearly across. Harry can also reference case studies and show his audience real people who have gotten value from working with him. Additionally, since he's already getting the referrals, ask them for feedback - what made them recommend Harry in the first place?

"Throw an 'ask' into everything you're doing." - Jill

Jill and Brad then discuss the top 5 ways to build a new habit:

  • Make a plan. Consistency is key. Set a time and a trigger to do whatever you're working toward.
  • Prep as much as possible. If you want to go to the gym, pack your bag the night before. Things will just become part of the routine.
  • Download a tracking app like Streaks (mentioned above!) or the Productive App. Or do it the old-fashioned way and write things down.
  • Give yourself a visual cue.
  • And the last thing is that you can always do this...


  • Harry Duran is the host of Podcast Junkies and the creator of FullCast, a full-service, done-for-you podcast production and marketing consultancy. He helps six-figure entrepreneurs amplify their authority and extend their reach through the power of podcasting.
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