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When you take a vacation with your family, does it really count as a vacation? Probably not. You don't get any rest, constantly have to be "on," and likely have a lot of anxiety around past issues. At the same time, it is nice to spend time with people you don't get to see very often. Also, as kids start coming home from college, Brad realized something - kids think of their parents as frozen in time, just as parents see their kids frozen in time as a certain age (ex: their favorite meal will always be meatloaf because it was when they were younger, even though it may not be true now). Now that the roles are reversed, he realizes it's a two-way street of misconception. As summer sneaks up on us, Brad and Jill help us make the most of our vacations by sharing the Top 5 Ways To Be With Your Family, When You Are With Your Family in this episode and they welcome author, podcaster, and business woman Nedalee Thomas to the show. Listen in! »


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