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Top 5 Things You Need When You Make A Job Offer w/ Janae' Wesby

What’s In This Episode:

Hey, in a few days, we've got a thing going on.. are you in? Of course you're not! That invitation is incredibly unclear and includes zero details! Would you ever offer a job to someone in that same manner? If you want someone to say yes to something, you need to give them a firm and specific offer. Jill looks back on past offers she's given and wonders if she's been doing it wrong this entire time. So, you can't just hire someone and say "Go!"? Has her entire life been one long "oops"? Plus, we learn all about Brad's sturdy eyebrows. Continuing their series on hiring, Jill and Brad talk about the Top 5 Things You Need When You Make A Job Offer in this episode and they welcome brow whisperer Janae' Wesby to the show. Listen in! »


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