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What’s In This Episode:

Every website has some common problems that need to be addressed for a better customer/user experience. Jill and Brad talk about what those are.

"When anyone goes to any website, they don't want to have to figure out what they're doing there." - Jill

Questions you need to focus on:

  • What is your CTA? You need one.
  • Where is your contact info? If you have a contact form, make sure it's actually working.
  • How's your messaging? Is it helping potential customers or is it all about you?
  • Does your branding reflect what you're actually like? Don't just slap on a template or copy what someone else is doing.
  • Are you giving visitors a reason to stay?

"When people get to your website, what is the feeling that you want them to have?" - Brad

Not sure if you're making some of these mistakes? Get feedback from another person.

How's your website?

Hang out with Jill and Brad!

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