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What are some really great things about attorneys? Most likely, you can't think of a single one. But what about all of the good that they do for small business owners? There are reasons, after all, that people still hire them. Lawyers, for some folks, are necessary evils. For others, great weapons to have at the ready juuuuuust in case something comes up. And for most people, they don't fall into the "things I like" category when it comes to running a business. But they can be great for a variety of reasons -- and they've stuck around all these years because they're up to something good. What is that something? You'll have to tune in to find out. This week, Jill and Brad talk about the Top 5 Legal Things That Actually Matter and they welcome serial entrepreneur Pam Worth to the show. Listen in! »


  • Pam Worth is the founder of Tiny Treks, an innovative alternative to indoor early childhood programming. She also co-founded Instructions Included, where experts share their parenting experiences to make your unique parenting experience not just less stressful, but truly enjoyable. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.


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