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5 Things to do when you need new business now!


What’s In This Episode:

Ever get worried that you have no new business coming in? Not unlike Jill and Brad, do you feel like this every single day? The co-hosts walk through what their concerns are, what it does to them (do you go to the homeless place, too?) and then turn it around and talk about how helpful it can be, too. They also talk about the Top 5 Things To Do When You Need New Business Now! in this episode and they welcome intuitive brainiac Ling Wong to the show. Listen in! »

Ling WongGuest:

  • Ling Wong is an intuitive braniac who helps you distill your big ideas into one cohesive message, find the words that sell and design a plan to do what matters. Find her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


  • unQuiet Life Podcast - Brad appeared last week on episode # 15 of the unQuiet Life podcast. Our producer, Lightning, co-hosts this podcast about developing a quiet spiritual life in a loud outer world. Brad stopped by to share some thoughts on how to stay connected to God and be your best self during the work day.


  • PrimeNow :: Amazon's newest app that lets you order stuff you need and it's delivered free in under two hours. Jill loves it. Try it. (Make sure to check and see if they're up and running in your area, too.)

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