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Top 5 things to say in your next new business meeting


What’s In This Episode:

Are there certain business phrases that get people to pay attention to what you're saying? When you say them, do more people lean in to what you're talking about? Brad discusses what he says to gain credibility with his clients and Jill hones in on what makes her Founding Moms members tick. They also talk about the Top 5 Things To Say In Your Next New Business Meeting in this episode and they welcome parent entrepreneur James Oliver, Jr., to the show. Listen in! »

James Oliver, Jr.Guest:

  • James Oliver, Jr., is the founder of WeMontage, a site that lets you easily transforms your memorable and inspiring images into removable photo wallpaper. Keep up with him on TrepLifeDad, where he blogs feverishly all about parent entrepreneurship. Find him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


  • Jill goes off on people -- all the people -- about getting perspective when it said people are offended if she doesn't get back to them instantaneously. Tune in to hear the steam coming out of her ears.

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