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Top 5 Ways To Make It Easy For Customers To Buy (And Keep Buying) w/ Raj Bhaskar | Small Business | Entrepreneur | Leadership

What’s In This Episode:

Are there businesses that you purchase from repeatedly? If you spend a lot of money at, why do you like going back for more? Is it cost? Efficiency? Convenience? If you're an Uber addict or a SpotHero junkie, it may be time to figure out what makes those businesses stand out (or rather, suck you back in) and how you may be able to do have the same effect on your customers or clients. Jill and Brad talk about their favorite places that attract their repeat business and talk about the Top 5 Ways To Make It Easy For Customers To Buy (And Keep Buying) in this episode. They welcome app founder Raj Bhaskar to the show and hear from amazing listener Arthur Zards! Listen in! »


  • Raj Bhaskar is the founder of Hurdlr, a smart mobile app for independent workers, freelancers and solopreneurs to seamlessly manage their business finances in seconds, in real-time, on the go. Find him on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


  • :: It's an app that coaches you to be a better boss. Brad loves it. It has everything you need to engage, recognize and reward your team. Jill thinks you're probably an awesome boss without it, but Brad swears you'll be awesome-er with this tool.


  • The brilliant Arthur Zards of TEDxNaperville fame called in with a clever solution for Brad. Remember how Brad was having a tough time weeding through job applicants in last week's episode? Arthur makes all job applicants fill out a multi-page form so they have homework to get through rather than merely checking out resumes. He finds it a much more effective way to find the right person. THANK YOU, ARTHUR!
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