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What’s In This Episode:

Do you ever get that feeling that your business is about to take off? Jill definitely knows that feeling - it's exciting and re-energizing! It infuses life into the business and even though it may not pan out, it's a sign that good things are happening. Brad used to chase that feeling but has come to realize he'd rather have steady progress instead. They also talk about the Top 5 Ways To Know That It's "GO TIME" in this episode and they share which apps they've been trying out lately. We promise Jill doesn't talk about any photo apps... sort of. Listen in! »


  • Shapr - Tinder interface applied to networking. Brad swears you don't have to immediately make out as soon as you meet in person. 
  • Lighter - It's a virtual lighter. And that's it. Jill loves it.
  • BRiN - World's first artificially intelligent business advisor. Brad thinks it has potential but isn't there yet.
  • Magic - Text-based personal assistant available 24/7
  • Legend - Easily turn text into animations
  • Light Phone - A phone that's not a computer. Jill is fascinated, Brad is not. (Get a $7 burner phone from eBay instead)
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