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Ever consider starting your own podcast? Everybody's doing it. Brad and Jill got wayyyyyyy ahead of the game and determined that it would be really easy to promote what they do for a living by shouting into microphones every week about business things and stuff. But whaddya know? Getting way ahead of the game also put them in a position of not knowing what they were doing, having to learn what podcasting is all about from the ground up, and making a lot of mistakes along the way. Well lucky for you, they have a thing or two that they want you to know about launching your very own podcast before you actually do it. So they talk about the Top 5 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Start A Podcast in this episode and they welcome Laura Kalister to the show before Brad goes on another amazing rant... Listen in! »


  • Laura Kalister is the founder of LK Weight Coaching where she helps clients end their struggles with weight and emotional overeating. Find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.


  • Brad is MAD. Do companies think that incompetence is actually a business model? A serious question from a very amazingly lengthy and hilarious rant. If Brad is ready to "gouge his ears out" and firmly believes that people are creating "customer incompetence systems" you HAVE to tune in to hear why he hates the hotel industry and customer service fails so very much right now.
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