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Has Jill changed her mind about proposals? That would be a NO. Luckily for her and others, Brad's got a FREE webinar coming up on April 27th where he'll discuss how to win clients withoutproposals. He'll break down how to close a deal more effectively, how some agencies get a client to pay them to create a proposal, and how to focus your process only on the prospects most likely to buy. Sign up here to get your pipeline moving and have more predictable sales.

Brad's got a confession: He wants everyone to think he's a fearless leader, but he's got some fears... and they might be keeping him from being as successful as he could be. He actually thinks he could be afraid... of success? Clients keep you really busy, which means you hire more people, which means you manage more people... which is all a pain. Jill used to worry that if she got so busy, she wouldn't have time for things outside of work - her kids, or having a simple dinner in a restaurant. But she's realized that she can do both in a way that works for her, and she's not working 24/7 anymore.

 "What I want to have is work that I really enjoy and am really engaged in, and a life that I really enjoy and am really engaged in.'" - Brad

Kris Reid, the coolest guy in SEO, calls in to tell us what SEO actually is (with an Australian accent and everything). It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and you can use it to tell the all-knowing Google more about your site so that you appear at the top of the search engine. He's been working in SEO ever since 2008 and really loves it.

The good news is his business is growing. He's got 50 staff members (25 in office, 25 remote) but he finds the communication somewhat challenging and he doesn't know how to inspire people to learn. Kris personally always wants to sharpen his skills and so he listens to podcasts and reads books. Brad suggests having Kris convey the message through his team leads because it will make it that much more impactful. He also tells Kris to think about having a career ladder with respect to positions in the company, so that people have something to aspire to. Jill one-ups that thought and says that Kris should gamify the situation - have a leaderboard and make a fun culture for a love of learning.

But, she cautions, not everyone needs to learn like you do. So if he really wants everyone to get something out of learning something new, do more webinars face-to-face.

"I have a fear that people will find out that I'm just a regular person." - Jill

Jill and Brad then discuss the top 5 fears that are holding me back #realtalk:

  • Constant fear of losing all your income.
  • Thinking people think you're an egomaniacal showoff or that people won't take you seriously.
  • Imposter syndrome.
  • Avoiding hiring because people will let you down.
  • And this last one is rough...

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  • Kris Reid is the founder of Ardor SEO, a company that helps businesses achieve utmost success in their respective niches. By using the most innovative methods of marketing online, they offer a wide range of services with awesome results including search engine optimization, search engine ranking, and link building.
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