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I Don't Understand... |  Top 5 Networks That Make No Sense (To Us) w/ Kenny Nguyen | Ep. 143 | Small Business

Is there a social network that you thought, when you got on it for the first time, that you'd hate? When you first logged onto Twitter, you may have been one of the millions who thought, "I will never, ever need to understand this so just forget it." If you first joined Instagram and only saw photos of celebrities showing off their very filtered selfies, you may have been one of the many users who rejected the platform outright. So were Jill and Brad. They talk about the different platforms that they didn't understand at first use -- Twitter taking the top of the list -- and they reminisce about the way these platforms functioned before everybody started to use them. Remember the good 'ol days? So it makes perfect sense that they talk about the Top 5 Networks That Make No Sense (To Us) in this episode and they welcome Kenny Nguyen to the show. Listen in! »



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Turn The Tables:

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