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Do you ever completely shut down your work? Seems like an impossible dream, but it's possible! When Jill goes on vacation, she'll shut down all electronics and leave work behind. It takes a bit of time to fully shut down but once it's done, it's so hard to get back to reality. How does she do it? A lot of planning and heavy lifting beforehand. And if she absolutely needs to use a phone to find the nearest pizza place, someone else will have an available phone so it's not the end of the world. Brad and Jill give you tips on how to find your bliss with the Top 5 Ways To Leave Work In The Office in this episode and they welcome Yahaira Núñez to the show. Listen in! »


  • Yahaira Núñez is the Assistant VP of Business Development at Excelsior Growth Fund, a non-profit organization that offers affordable, flexible and fast business loans along with free advisory services to help small businesses grow. Find her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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