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Do you think there's no crying in, I mean, the office? Brad had a conversation with a client last week about a team member who recently spent a lot of time crying at work. The client told the team member to put on some sunglasses and take a walk around the block. Essentially, "there's no crying in the office." Brad told the client he agreed with the action; it's ok to cry in the office, but not all the time. If crying at the office diminishes your ability to get your work done, then yes, take a walk around the block and pull it together. Jill agrees too, and thinks she'd be even harsher; she'd simply suggest not coming into the office. There's office morale and work flow to think about, and she wants to preserve that. The exception is if you cry over something you're incredibly passionate about in a situation where permission has been granted. Overall, if you're in a business setting and emotions are prohibiting you from working, that's not good. Brad and Jill also talk about the Top 5 Times To Show Your Emotions In Business and they welcome entrepreneur and dog walker extraordinaire Britt Alwerud to the show. Listen in! »


  • Britt Alwerud is the founder and CEO of Handlr, a software platform that makes it easier for business owners to handle their daily operations. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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