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What’s In This Episode:

Why is Brad yawning? Well, yesterday was pretty eventful. He came home to find maintenance folks outside his house inspecting a suspected gas leak. That somehow turned into a broken gas line, and then a broken water line. Which have to be fixed with very loud tools. What?! Brad #canteven. So, he didn't sleep at all. He wonders about the crew outside his house though; have they been working for 14 hours straight? When do they go home? Speaking of which, Jill and Brad also talk about the Top 5 Ways To Stop Working All The Time in this episode and share the questions they received from listeners when they opened up an AMA. Listen in! »

AMA (Ask Me/Us Anything):

  • We asked listeners on social media if they had any questions they'd like answered, and the response we received was so great! Thank you all! Greg wanted to know how to decide when to take risks and Peter wondered how to overcome feeling guilty for (fill in the blank). Brad and Jill shared some great nuggets of wisdom that will definitely apply to you so make sure to tune in.
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