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When you start out, you market broadly. To grow, you must focus. What has helped you focus your attention in life? Brad and Jill's series on scaling your business continues as they share ways to focus that has worked for them. For Jill, it's been other people telling her she has to focus (you mean doing everything and anything all the time is not the way entrepreneurs do it? No!). Thanks Brad for telling Jill she has to focus! Plus, she turns off her wifi to pause the constant flow of pings and buzzes. Brad finds time blocking incredibly effective for him, as well as automation (via Zapier). So, if you need to find Brad on a Monday morning, you know he'll be writing. They also talk about the Top 5 Ways To Focus Your Business As You Grow in this episode and welcome money guy and family man Justin Krane to the show. Listen in! »


  • Justin Krane is a business money strategist focused on helping small business owners get clarity around their money.
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