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Why did Brad get a shoe in the mail? To be specific, the package (with a handwritten recipient address) contained a kids' size 10 shoe with three Velcro straps, a letter, and a business card. The letter started out with a story about a man with one shoe on the bus. You then learn he didn't lose a shoe but found one, which transitions into a woman asking about your graphic design and photography needs. To Brad, it's a good pitch but to the wrong audience (he has a small team and uses a graphic designer about once a year). To Jill, it's way too much. It gives the impression that the person has too much time or is not using funds in the right areas. She recalls a marketing event she was invited to that involved a limo, babysitter for her kid, wine, and a celebrity guest speaker. Does she remember who the company was? Absolutely not. Less pretty packaging, more effective stuff! Brad and Jill also talk funnel cakes, niching down, and sure enough, raising prices. They kick off their series on how to scale with the Top 5 Things That Need To Change As You Grow in this episode and they welcome marketing guru and dancer Hilary Buuck to the show. Listen in! »


  • Hilary P. Buuck is a marketing strategist focused on helping service providers get more leads in order to gain more clients, memberships, and students.
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