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What's the best spam you've ever received? Jill got an email from an unknown sender and the first thing she saw was a picture of an adorable dog. Once she read through the copy and got to a sales pitch, she deleted it. BUT, she received more follow-up emails from the company that all included pictures of cute dogs! Considering the emails were memorable enough for Jill to forward them to Brad and talk about them in this episode, but not enough for her to remember the company name or even what they sell, is the approach worth it? Let Brad and Jill know! Call, email, tweet..including pictures of adorable dogs won't hurt either. We also hear from a longtime listener who emailed and expressed how much she enjoyed the short series on hiring we recently did (we hear you Nedra, and thank you for emailing!). She requested more themes, including one on systems and processes around running a business. So, in the first of a short series on systems, Jill and Brad talk about the Top 5 Systems To Keep Your Business On Track  and they welcome photographer Monika Labbe to the show. Listen in! »


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