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Who's the most unmanageable person in your business? You, the business owner! Brad and Jill theorize why - is it because we're control freaks, like to do everything, and don't want anybody telling us what to do? Is it because we just don't fit in a corporate environment? If you know the magic answer, call and tell us why! Jill recalls her time at a super corporate place and how she did everything she was supposed to do and enjoyed it, but then went to grad school and realized she never wanted to go back to corporate. She needs her freedom and thrives in it! Brad shares how he'll sit down with business owners time and time again, explain to them how they're ruining their business, yet they don't do anything about it. They also talk about the Top 5 Systems To Get You Through The Day in this episode and they welcome people development trainer and fairy dust sprinkler Alissa Friedman to the show. Listen in! »


Alissa Friedman is a trainer and coach who lifts the fog and helps people get out of their own way. Find her on and LinkedIn.

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