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Brad received the worst sales email in the world from "Catherine" at.. let's just call them Sales Mango. It was from a person and company he didn't know with a subject line asking about the main "pain-point" in his marketing. He replied and told them it was the worst sales email he's ever gotten, and the emails still kept coming! Clearly these (terrible) generic emails were coming from a robot, so why would anybody use their services? Do all their customers deal with robots too? Don't send out bad templated emails. Just stop. It's the worst. Please stop. Jill and Brad also talk about the Top 5 People You Need To Grow Your Business in this episode and they welcome financial advisor and life coach Lonnie Ogulnick to the show. Listen in! »


Lonnie Ogulnick is the founder of Gordon Wealth, a financial advisory firm focused on helping their clients accumulate and preserve wealth over a long-term investment horizon. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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