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We know business owners don't like to follow rules, but are there ones you choose to follow? Which ones make you a better owner and leader? Jill likes the kindergarten rule, better known as the Golden Rule - treat others the way you'd want to be treated. Let's just all be nice to each other! She's also punctual, showing up at the agreed upon time..on most days. Along those same lines, Brad loves using meeting invites. It keeps Brad on track (since he's a self-confessed moron when it comes to his calendar) and ensures both parties show up at the right time! He pays people on time and won't work them down on their fee too, because he wouldn't want it done to him. Basically, let's all live by the Golden Rule and the world will be a happy place. They also talk about the Top 5 New Business Rules in this episode and welcome coach, speaker, and podcaster Amy Smalarz to the show. Listen in! »




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