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When you're sitting in a meeting that's been going on for too long, how do you bring it to an end and get out of there? According to Jill, there's an app for that (of course there is). Set the app to call you at a certain time and just tell everybody you need to deal with an emergency. Or maybe go to the bathroom and never come back. Brad tries to redirect and lead the meeting so that all participants can get the info they came for and leave. We also learn what the devil is really up to, the importance of mute buttons, and why Jill is going to give Brad a jar of nail files (it's for a very important business reason). Plus, they talk about the Top 5 Longest Meetings in this episode and welcome back the focused and flourishing Emily Lonigro Boylan to the show. 


Emily Lonigro Boylan is the founder of LimeRed Studio, a WBE Certified and Certified B Corporation UX agency that develops user experiences and shapes campaigns that create social impact. Find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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