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What’s In This Episode:

Are there problems you have outside of work that you've had forever? (Um, yes, how about all of them?!) The older he gets, the more Brad figures out what are problems, and what are just tensions to manage. For example, he wanted more fresh veggies in his life so he planted a garden. But now he has too much zucchini and doesn't know what to do with it all! That's just something he has to manage while enjoying his fresh food. Also, don't be surprised if you receive a jar of pickled zucchini from Brad. In our work lives, we're all familiar with the strain of never having enough new business. No matter who you are, it's never going away. Jill and Brad share other examples in the Top 5 Business Problems You’ll Never Fix in this episode and continue on with AMA part deux. Listen in! »

AMA (Ask Me/Us Anything):

  • Brad and Jill asked listeners a few weeks ago if they had any questions they'd like answered - the response was so great we had to split up the AMA section into several parts! This week, former guest Rebecca Dengrove wants to know about ERPs and Cheryl Taylor wonders if email marketing really works. It's no surprise that our favorite hosts have plenty to say about both topics.
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