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Are you aware of the things you do and the way you act? Brad has been paying attention to awareness a lot lately and noticed he acts differently. For example, someone recently told him he tends to interrupt others and ever since then, he's been aware of it happening (and he tries to stop of course). Jill thinks she became much more self-aware when she started her own business. She thought she was pretty normal until a ton of people told her "You're so crazy!" When you hear something over and over again, it might be true. But, embrace it, champion it, and allow it to make you a better leader! Brad and Jill help you get to that point by sharing the Top 5 Things That Will Make You More Self-Aware In Business in this episode and they welcome super mom and super CEO Danielle Dy Buncio to the show. Listen in! »


  • Danielle Dy Buncio is president and CEO of VIATechnik, providers of technology solutions to the engineering & construction industry. Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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