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How has your most unmanageable employee derailed your business? In an earlier episode, we learned that the business owner is the most unmanageable one of the bunch. So, what have you done? By that logic, what Jill has done is be herself! Fears around not charging enough, not following up enough, or not getting out there more - they're always there. Brad realized he gets bored with training others. He'll do a great job upfront but won't do it continually, resulting in someone being half trained. Take a deep look inside and figure out what's really the problem - like, so deep inside you'll need an x-ray machine. We also get some wise words from Nelson Mandela, talk about your why, and discover how sprints can be good for you. The systems series continues with Brad and Jill discussing How Do You Find Your Way and they welcome financially savvy author Kate Stalter to the show. Listen in! »


  • Kate Stalter is the co-founder of Better Money Decisions, a financial firm dedicating to helping clients meet their unique financial goals. Find her on Twitter and Facebook, and learn about her latest book here.
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