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We've been talking a lot about how business owners are the worst employees over the past few episodes, so what's an example of a time you've derailed your business? For Jill, it seems like all she does is derail her business. For example, she's forgetful, calendars badly, and doesn't reach out to people about events she puts together. So, how does she get back on track? She reminds herself to focus! (See below for some tools she uses to help her) Brad is very quick to admit he's a terrible calendarer (yup, we're making that a word) so he's going to hire someone to help him. They share more ways to remain on course in this episode with the Top 5 Things To Get You Back On Track and they welcome mom, writer, and entrepreneur Eraina Ferguson to the show. Listen in! »



  • Forest: an app that gamifies focusing; don't let your tree die!
  • Go...Work: a Chrome extension which blocks sites that keep you unproductive and constantly reminds you to stay on track
  • One Big Thing: an app to keep you focused on, you guessed it, one big thing
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